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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Growing tomatoes

I had two experiences in growing tomatoes. First,  when i lived @apartment seri kembangan. just plant it in a small pot and place it at the balcony... and it they lived independently dengan tuan rumah siram sekali sekala... but it works. the fruits come about 5 month later. a yellowish red cherry tomato.
Then i tried to plant again when i move to Kajang and this time they got quit a good care from me. but the leaves always had the weird white  cotton floss look. the growth stuck at about 15 cm height and i decided to end it.

a month a go i started plant tomato again. this time, i decided to plant medium size tomato. thought that i could really used it at the kitchen. (i used a lot of them in every kind of dishes). almost every day rained, so i just ignored them. after 2 weeks they grown healthy about 2 to 5 cm height. They are all about 30 of them in a small baskin robin cake container... agaknya pokok ni nak kena ignored baru tumbuh sihat. bila ditatang manja jadinya.

I was struggling to prepare a lot of containers in order to separated them because i only got 2 unused  pots . i decide to used large plastic and i made holes bottom of it. plastik beras jadi mangsa. sayang nak buang anak-anak pokok ni..... huhu...

Put in the soil and done.

 Tapi rasanya dalam sebulan lagi nak kena asingkan lagiiiiii... sebab banyak jugak anak pokok dalam satu bekas... tomatoes need a big space of container ( about 30cm depth) in order to grow healthy and produce fruits.

 and I'm thinking of where should i place my young eggplant..???? i should buy polybags kan...

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