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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Isra' Mikraj....

Today is the isra' mikraj
the sky is cloudy
so is my heart
i don't know why...
but i feel a huge void inside
may be too tired this week
 and Abu Bakr who was like a 'hungry milk' cutey monster every night
and at last today i can sit quietly in my office room
without any meeting or boss calling
(enjoy this moment...!! ha ha!)
yep...until 12.30 and back to meeting in KL.

terasa tidak mahu buat apa-apa kerja
jadi layan 5S for the whole morning may be
and a few problem settlement
and of course to approve some paying voucher

in the mean while
sempena peristiwa isra' mikraj
kita ulangkaji sikit yek....

and let us together 
salawat 'alai Rasulallah

Semoga kita semua
mendapat syafaat Nabi Allah
di kala kita memerlukan disana

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